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AI and its impact on"Job Search" - How do YOU "Keep Pace"?

While work on my upcoming January 2019 presentation continues, I spent the past few days making updates to a number of topics within the "AI-Guide" section of my website. For those not familiar with the guide, it is still evolving - but there is more than enough for you to gain insights as to how AI is being leveraged today !

With today being "Labor Day" - it seems fitting to spend some time on the "Job Search" section, which gives an overview as to the different ways AI is being applied throughout the entire job search process.

The reality - AI tools are being used as part of job search TODAY. While usage may not be prevalent - you should assume that it will be over time. So the more insight you can gain as to how these tools work - and more importantly - what they look for - the better prepared you will be as a candidate when you encounter them.

And this just doesn't apply to employers. As you will see, there are solutions that job seekers can take advantage of as well !

So when you get a chance - take a look at the section - and let me know what you think!

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