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Let Aiden help you "Keep Pace" with AI Job Search


Topic Soundbyte

AI is increasingly being used throughout the entire hiring process

  • By the employer to find both technical and cultural fit 

  • By employee's looking to better matching their skills with available openings


Latest Trends

AI is already being leveraged today for this.   Key trends to watch:


Facial Expressions

Analyzing your  facial expressions during the Interview is a real thing


Word Choice and Tone of Voice

A level of consistency humans can't match 

Human Recruiters will need to evolve

Even with AI, Recruiters will still play a key role

Neuroscience could have an impact

Remove bias from the hiring process

Aiden Suggests

AI Job Search Suggestions

Suggestion #1:  Be prepared to be interviewed by an AI Robot !

Be prepared to have your interview recorded and analyzed by AI, which can include facial expressions and word choice.   Click here to "Keep Pace"

Suggestion #2:  Watch what you post 

How a company called DeepSense is using your "public information" (i.e. Twitter, Facebook ) to predict your behavior.   Click here to "Keep Pace"

Suggestion #3:  Alexa skills to help you find a job

A selection of Alexa skills you can enable to help you locate jobs or practice interview questions.   Click here to "Keep Pace"  

Suggestion #4:  AI from the Individual perspective

How can you leverage AI as part of YOUR Job Search?  Consider these articles !! 


Suggestion #5:  AI from the Hiring Company perspective

How are companies implementing AI as part of finding the right candidates?  Consider these articles !!

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