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A "biased" update - The Keep Pace AI-Guide "Bias Section" is now available!

I have been quiet on the blog front, due in large part to the amount of work I have been putting into my January 2019 AI presentation. The presentation is coming along nicely - and I have some really exciting insights to share (and of course some new "visuals'). I will be sharing much more about the presentation in the coming weeks, probably around the beginning of December.

So today's blog entry was driven by a few things.

  1. One of the sections of my presentation will reference AI bias, so I wanted a supporting section in the AI-Guide

  2. A large number of articles & announcements specific to AI bias that showed up in my feeds

  3. A fantastic Google video on Bias that used a banana as the example.

The sum total of those 3 came together and it was as though the section wrote itself !! And while my recommendation may sound 'biased", I think the links I have assembled are not only interesting reads - but will give you a very good understanding of the issues at hand.

To access the Bias section of the Keep Pace AI-Guide - Click the following link:

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