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Let Aiden help you "Keep Pace" with AI Bias


Topic Soundbyte

Making sure AI decisions are impartial is critical

  • AI learns by processing lots of data, and that data may be biased

  • AI has no concept of how to identify the bias, it is up to humans to review and identify the bias 


Latest Trends

AI is already being leveraged today for this.   Key trends to watch:


IBM announces AI Fairness Project

IBM open sources toolkit to check for bias in datasets


Amazon scaps AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women

A level of consistency humans can't match 

MIT detects "Fake News"

Developed a system that can determine whether a source is accurate or politically prejudiced

Aiden Suggests

Recommendations for learning more about AI Bias

Suggestion #1:  Read the World Economic Forum - Bias in AI article

A good summary overview of the problem space, and the steps to take to avoid bias in AI systems.   Click here to "Keep Pace"

Suggestion #2:  Experiment with the IBM AI Fairness Toolkit 

Have your team apply its datasets against the AI Fairness tool.   Click here to "Keep Pace"

Suggestion #3:  Read up on Industry "Best Practices" 

Google's "Responsible AI Practices page.   Click here to "Keep Pace"

Microsoft's AI Principles page.   Click here to "Keep Pace"

Suggestion #4:  Take Google's "AI Fairness" Online Class (FREE !)

An excellent overview of AI fairness including Video Lectures.   Click here to "Keep Pace"

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