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Wow ! Artificial General Intelligence !!!

As I do every evening, I skim through a number of social feeds and websites in my never ending quest to "keep pace" with technology. And what an article I came across today!!

Here are a few of the reasons I really liked this article:

1. Terminology. It always helps to know terms specific to the space you are entering. In this case, Artificial Intelligence (or AGI) is about applying previous knowledge to solve a new problem !!

2. Technology Insight. For those of us that won't be writing many AI programs, the article provides a simply explanation as to how the "Impala" design works - and more importantly - how the technology was extended via a new algorithm called V-Trace

3. Presentation Fodder. This content is most definitely going to be referenced in my upcoming January 2019 presentation! It fits in very nicely with the narrative I have established !

In the meantime, it is definitely worth the read !!!

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