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Will you be watching 60 Minutes tonight? I will !

This evening at 7PM, 60 Minutes will be presenting:

"Venture capitalist: AI will displace 40 percent of world's jobs in as soon as 15 years"

As I have been immersing myself into various aspects of AI these past 3 years, I am very interested to hear Mr Lee's position. As there is a fair amount of "hype" around AI and what it may do to the job market - will this be more of one person's opinion - or - will the statement be backed up with tangible examples?

What will I be listening for?

As I have already created an entire presentation on this very topic (see link below), I will be listening for at least 4 specific discussion topics, which include:

Sentient AI - This is the belief that AI will be able to "perceive or feel things". From everything I have read these past 3 years, we are a LONG LONG way from this happening. Is Sentient AI part of Mr Lee's forecast?

Tasks vs Jobs - By its very nature, AI right now is very good at focusing on a specific TASK (read SINGULAR), and that once AI knows how to perform a TASK that knowledge isn't transferable to other tasks. The reality is that a human jobs typically consists of a NUMBER of tasks, so how deep will they go into this particular topic?

Assistive AI - Out of all possible scenarios, I believe this to be the most likely. Assistive AI will perform rote / repetitive tasks - and as a result will impact how a job is done - but REPLACEMENT seems to be further away

New Jobs - Historically, the job market has always been impacted by change. Will they discuss the new roles that AI will create and how a person can prepare for that job ?

My 2018 Presentation - Will AI take YOUR Job - What you can do to "Keep Pace"

Another reason for my interest in tonight's show - This was my "signature" presentation topic for 2018 !!! So if you want to get a basic understanding of AI (and its impact on jobs) prior to tonight's show - consider watching the presentation on my Youtube channel !!!

The link to the presentation:

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