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Where would YOU go to "Keep Pace" with Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

As you will discover (or may already have), there is no shortage of sources providing AI themed content. While you may find the information interesting, where would you go to not only learn more about AI, but get insights you can use?

It is an interesting (and important) question, as AI is going to play a much larger role in our lives in the months and years ahead, and not everyone is going to have a PhD in the topic.

Then the question - how can you "Keep Pace" with this impact without investing hours or months of your time? Well that more or less describes the value proposition of what we are trying to accomplish. Between organizing & categorizing the content we think is relevant - coupled with us periodically sharing our thoughts and insights, we hope to make this your "go to" site for all things AI related

We hope you come along for the ride !!

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