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Start Spreading the News ! - January 12th 2019 !

I am pleased to announce that in 32 days it will be time to unveil a brand new presentation for 2019 !!!!

Turning into somewhat of a tradition (this is now the 8th year in a row), I create a new presentation each year focusing on some emerging technology, explain the impact it will have on the job market and then guidance as to what steps you can take to "Keep Pace" with those changes.

This years presentation focuses on Artificial Intelligence and is entitled:

'How to AI Proof your Career - Your best defense to "Keep Pace" with AI'.

The presentation will examine my newly created "AI Defense Shield" and how to use the Shield's components to prepare yourself for the potential changes in the months and years ahead.

To learn more about the presentation (and to register), click on the following link

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