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No time to relax on my AI Journey

I learned a LONG time ago the importance of keeping current with new technologies. I have to tell you these past few years have been a real challenge - if for no other reason that the rate of change seems to have gone into overdrive - especially when it comes to AI.

So this week, I have first been making updates to the website ( Updating the site allows me to not only share the content I am processing - but helps me to organize my thoughts. Some of the updates are visible (there are 2 new sections) - but there are also several sections that are still a "work in progress". No timetable at the moment, but basically once a section is completed, it gets added to the site.

Also, I am building out a brand new presentation to kick off 2019. While the presentation title is still evolving - it will once again be focused on how you can "Keep Pace" with AI (how is that for a surprise?). If you will be in the vicinity of Central NJ on January 12th 2019 - maybe you can drop by and attend!! The registration and meeting info is available at:

Other efforts going on as well - but unfortunately not as far along. The next "big thing" on the schedule is trying to fit an AI Class into my schedule. The first challenge I need to address - which one should I take ?

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