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January 2019 - Presentation "teaser"

You might think 4 months is a lot of time to write a single presentation. But it really isn't when you are designing a information dense "performance"

And that is exactly what my 2019 presentation on AI is evolving to be! While I don't want to give the title away just yet, I did want to share some "teaser" elements to give you a taste as to elements of this "performance"


I am officially locked in on the presentation title. I will unveil the title and the presentation description in October. I can tell you that it is the logical followup to this years "Will AI take my Job" presentation !!!

Costume & Props

This weekend I received the main components of the "costume" I plan on wearing - and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and tried things on. And I have sketched out the 1st graphics mockup that goes on the "prop" piece of my costume. I just need to get to a local graphics store to see if they can help take that diagram and help me "kick things up a notch"

HINT: The "prop" is a key piece of the presentation !!!

Presentation Content

The presentation itself is still taking shape inside my Microsoft OneNote notebook, but the storyline is evolving rapidly. My goal is to start transferring that storyline to Powerpoint over the next few weeks, and then starting in October I can work on growing the "connective tissue" between the slides.

What is exciting is that I already have the content and great ideas as to how to evolve the story - what I am really doing is thinking thru how I would turn this into a book

Sample Presentation Content

One aspect of the presentation will focus on the "emotional" aspects of AI. I bring this up because this week I encountered the following article that aligns to the "Emotional AI" theme - even though I find the results a bit hard to believe. The article is available at:

And the key quote is as follows:

"The study uncovered how today’s workers are willing to embrace AI in the professional space. In fact, 93% claim they are open to taking orders from a robotic boss."

Hopefully I can find more information about this survey, because I would like to understand the context as to how these question were asked - because this really is an amazing result.


So lots of exciting things coming !!! Can't wait to share it with all of you !

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