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I am now a VLogger! How to "Keep Pace" with the Future of Work !

It is often said that people should get out of their comfort zones and try new things. Well I am applying that advice to myself - and after a LOT of thought (and planning) - I going to be evolving a Video Blog.

So as part of today's blog I wanted to announce that the first entry is now available at:

What is the focus of the VLog ?

The focus of my VLog is the intersection of my love of disruptive technologies and the opportunities/challenges as to how they impact the "Future of Work". One of those challenges is the amount of "Future of Work" articles that follow this general "format"

  • The future of work will be different

  • Impact of a particular topic (say automation)

  • How jobs will be lost by the technology

  • How jobs will be created by the technology

  • You need to obtain new skills

  • Ends with the need to be a "Life Long" learner

Did you notice anything missing from that format? Not a single piece of actionable guidance as to what YOU can do to begin preparing yourself for what is next.

What will we talk about?

As I am learning something "new" I expect the structure to evolve as I get better at doing this. But to start, the initial elements of each entry will include some/all of the following

  • Weekly Article - Some topical article that kicks that Vlog off

  • Establish / Apply "Future of Work" Principles - We want to establish a consistent approach

  • "Actionable" Guidance - Identifying something you can do / try to apply that concept

And most importantly - HAVE FUN.

Your Feedback WANTED !

While I have a lot of ideas on paper, your suggestions/questions are MORE than welcome. For the time being, please comment on the videos either on Linkedin or my Facebook page:

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