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Early Preview - "Your AI Guide"

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

If you wanted to learn more about Artificial Intelligence - where would you go first?

After spending the past 18 months going thru a substantial amount of information, I realized there wasn't a single site I could recommended to anyone looking to begin their AI.

That is, until today. I would like to introduce our AI themed starting page entitled "Your AI Guide" - which is now available at:

As Artificial Intelligence covers a wide range of topics, this page will organize the way AI is used by capability - and each section will comprise of:

  1. The "sound-byte" as to how AI is impacting the space

  2. Links that provide the "current trends" in the space

  3. Links that will help you explore the topic to advance your knowledge

As the site is evolving daily, interested in your comments, thoughts and suggestions?

And if you like the site - please pass it on !!!!

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