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Behind the Scenes

Still hard at work and focused on resuming new videos. But I have been slowly upgrading a few "behind the scene's" features that I can't wait for you to see!

So today's blog is a "Sneak Peek" to the specifics of those new "features"

1. Upgraded to a 4K Video Camera. Yes, this one has been a long time coming. Video is something I have learned along the way - and that experience has given me a deep appreciation for lighting, lighting temperatures and "white balance". So, I bit the bullet, and upgraded a few pieces (Camera / Bulbs) - all of which seems to address the inconsistencies I encountered with the "older" equipment.

2. My Website is F I N A L L Y up and running. This one has been a LONG time coming. Way too long to be perfectly honest. Lets just say I finally found the tooling that aligns perfectly with my creative talents. The site is live right now - so if you are interested in seeing what I came up with - just go to

3. A new section called "Your AI Guide". I will explain more about this section in the coming weeks, but there is enough there now that you should get a sense as to where I am going. Just click on "Your AI Guide" from the Menu Section.

4. Aiden's Voice - You don't think I forgot Aiden, do you? Well, we managed to get the "digital frog" out of Aiden's throat - and he sounds GREAT !

5. Regular Blogging !! - A benefit of getting the website up and running, is I now have an official blog site !!! The plan at the moment is to do a combination of traditional blogging and "vblogs" - or Video Blogging" - with a preference of course on the latter !

So as you can see LOTS of things are in flight !!!! And who knows - along the way I may provide some insights to my brand new presentation for 2019 !!!

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