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How did AI arrive at that decision?  Easy question - hard to answer.

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Yes. Google is well known for filing multiple patents for ML algorithms and methods:

Dropout: Patent WO2014105866A1 - System and method for addressing overfitting in a neural network

Linear regression: Patent US8250003 - Computationally efficient probabilistic linear regression

Random Forest classifier: Patent US6009199 - Classification technique using random decision forests

Parallel neural network training: Patent WO2014105865A1 - System and method for parallelizing convolutional neural networks

Reinforcement learning: Patent US20150100530 - Methods and apparatus for reinforcement learning

Classification (they patented classification, holy crap): Classifying Data Objects - GOOGLE INC.

Word embeddings: Patent US20120310627 - Document classification with weighted supervised n-gram embedding

While that may seem scary at first, Google doesn’t restrict the usage of these algorithms by anyone. This is done mostly to prevent patent trolling.

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