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Getting Started with "AI"

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  This section is applicable for those brand new to Artificial Intelligence and are looking to obtain a basic understanding of the space. 

As Artificial Intelligence is a very large space, it helps to understand the "big picture" (or as we like to say "Vision" so you can better focus your efforts.   We have developed the

"Keep Pace" vision diagram to help you in this effort 

Note:  Youtube Videos & Diagram go here

Big Picture

Like any technology, Artificial Intelligence has its own terminology.   While you likely don't need to know ALL of them, you should be familiar with SOME of them ! 

The Terminology

Local Groups

For those that like to learn with others,  we recommend finding a local group that is focused on Artificial Intelligence.   We recommend you find a group using

Your Feeder System

We define a "feeder" system as a reliable as a regular source published content delivered regularly to you.


As everyone learns differently, how you construct your "Feeder System" is up to you, but you should target at least 3-5 sites which should provide more than enough content to help you "Keep Pace" with AI trends.   Two suggested links are provided below:

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