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Let Aiden help you "Keep Pace" with AI in Games

Topic Soundbyte

Once it learns how to play, AI beats the humans almost every time

  • Can be implemented in text based or voice based applications

  • Typically used in Customer Service applications 

  • While they may seem intelligent, they are typically focused on a specific topic

Latest Trends

AI in Gaming is Common.   Key trends to watch:


Google Duplex

Amazing Voice Interaction (you may find this scary)


Microsoft Xiolace

Microsofts version of Google Duplex

Treating/Diagnosing Illnesses

As a tool for helping people with diseases like Alzheimers



Aiden Suggests

How to learn more about Chatbots Services

Suggestion #1:  See a Chatbot in Action !

1.  Visit 1-800Flowers - GWYN (Stands for "Gifts When You Need")

2.  Visit Macy's Virtual Agent 

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