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Let Aiden help you "Keep Pace" with "Self Driving Vehicles"


Topic Soundbyte

When will we have "Self Driving Vehicles"

  • There are a variety of efforts underway to figure out how to accomplish this

  • It is key element that will help build "trust" in AI Systems 

  • As AI can continually "learn", it is possible decisions could change over time.  Explainable AI will give insights as to why those answers have changed.

Aiden Suggests

Suggestions for learning more about Explainable AI

Suggestion #1:  Understand the levels of Self Driving Autonomy 

Suggestion #2:  The types of self driving technology

The Financial World wants to open AI's black box  Click here to "Keep Pace"

Deep Learning Is a Black Box, but Health Care Won’t Mind.  Click here to "Keep Pace"

The Trust Challenge - Why Explainable AI is not Enough.  Click here to "Keep Pace"

Transparent design could teach people to trust AI. Click here to "Keep Pace"

Suggestion #3:  Connected Car 

Suggestion #4:  Key Players and Efforts


Talk about what each Company is doing (Ford, GM, Tesla) undation", which is focused on a number of AI topics, including "Explainable AI".  Click here to "Keep Pace"


Recently release Explainable AI  white-paper recently introduced at an AI conference focusing on generating a Knowledge Graph to explain what is going on.   Click here to "Keep Pace"

Workshop on Explainable Artificial Intelligence.   Click here to "Keep Pace"

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