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Let Aiden help you "Keep Pace" with AI Hardware


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AI Hardware represents devices that also contain AI processors  

  • AI processors are significantly faster than CPU's and GPU's

  • AI processors makes AI tasks go faster - much like GPU processors makes video games go faster,

  • AI hardware is relatively new, so expect speed improvements over time

  • And it just isn't the US companies building AI hardware, there are companies around the world focused on this. 


Latest Trends

AI Hardware will be very competitive.   Key trends to watch:


Quantum Computing

Which Voice Service is leading, and who is catching up? 


AI centric Processors

Your Alexa may sound different in the days to come 

Worldwide AI Activity

Where processors are being created

Aiden Suggests

How to learn more about AI Hardware

Suggestion #1:  Does your device contain AI Hardware? 

While it may be part of a product's capability, products with AI  hardware could help "future proof" your purchase

How a company called DeepSense is using your "public information" (i.e. Twitter, Facebook ) to predict your behavior.   Click here to "Keep Pace"

Suggestion #2:  Follow the Business Trends and Impact

How AI Hardware impacts you is based on waht you are doing.   If you are running an AI based application - faster is usually better 

Consumers will not immediately have access to / decisions to .. 

Speed Comparisons (whose solution is faster) - Benchmarks

Get acclimated to the processors available


Who offers what  (Cloud Providers ? )

Suggestion #3:  Attend a Conference

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