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Let Aiden help you "Keep Pace" with AI Education


Topic Soundbyte

AI Education doesn't have to cost a lot - but it takes effort

  • Determine which aspect(s) of AI are applicable to you (this is critical)

  • Pick a topic or news item to focus on weekly 

  • Online classes may be free - but they do take an investment of your time

  • It doesn't matter where you start - just get started 


Latest Trends

AI Education exists in many formats.   Key trends to watch:


Google Machine Learning "Crash Course"

Fast, practical overview of AI

Continuing Medical Education for Doctors

An alternative to Computer Based Training Approaches


AI Education Sites

Sites that provide the absolute basics of what AI is


Aiden Suggests

Suggested resources to learn more about AI

Suggestion #1:  Build your Feeder System

Suggestion #2:  Consider AI based education offered by popular Cloud Providers

Suggestion #3:  Read a book !

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