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Will AI Take YOUR Job?

Our 2018 Keynote Presentation where we look at the current state of AI, the disruption it is causing and what you can do to "Keep Pace"

Session Promotion - Will Artificial Intelligence take YOUR job? - What YOU can you do to "Keep Pace"!


You may have heard a few things about Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past year or two


  • Programs that have beat human beings in games like Jeopardy, Poker and GO

  • AI being used in Voice Assistants such as the Amazon Echo, Apple Siri and Google Home

  • AI enabling Self Driving vehicles


But believe it or not - that is just the TIP of the Iceberg as to what AI is being used for.  AI is currently being applied to a WIDE range of tasks and spaces, some of which include:


  • Finance

  • Medicine

  • Project Management

  • Education 

  • Sales

  • And much, much more


But the most important question of all - can Artificial Intelligence replace YOU?   What do you need to know - and more importantly - how do you "Keep Pace" with this important, disruptive and rapidly evolving technology?   The answers may surprise you .. 

In this BRAND NEW Presentation for 2018, George will cover:


  • The depth and breadth of AI "current state"

  • Introduce the "Keep Pace AI Disruption Gauge"

  • Apply his "10 Steps to Keep Pace" with Artificial Intelligence

  • Identify activities that are indicators of AI replacement

  • Introduce the Keep Pace" Technically Savvy" Formula

  • And identify resources you can use TODAY to learn more about AI


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