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Concrete Trailer Pump in stock Introduction The Concrete Conveying Machine is a modern construction machine that is fixed on a trailer and pumps concrete through a pipeline. Secondly, it has the advantages of safe work, high efficiency, high quality and low cost, and does not pollute the environment. Widely used in modern urban construction, airports, roads, bridges, water conservancy, electric power, energy, concrete construction projects, etc., especially in high-rise and long-distance pumping has an important role. Finally, our products are cheap and high-quality, which is deeply loved by our customers. Feature The Concrete Conveying Machine have advanced technology. The main components are made of the world's best products, so this makes the machine have excellent performance. Secondly, this advanced technology and perfect functionality can be guaranteed if the machine meets its working conditions and safety regulations. Finally, our products are characterized by a long service life. Parameter Item(Concrete Conveying Machine)UnitHBTS20 Max Theoretical Concrete Outputm鲁/h20 Concrete slumpmm100-230 Aggregate Sizemm鈮?0 Engine Powerkw39 Main oil pumpKAWASAKI Hydraulic valveBOLSEEN Hydraulic hoseMANULI Main electric elementSCHNEIDER PLC Control computerMITSUBISHI Concrete Cylinder Diametermm140/800 Hopper CapacityL280 Filling Heightmm1300 Max Theoretical Conveying Distance (Horizontal /vertical Height)m300/100 Pipe Cleaning Mode Water Washing Dimension(transport)mm3950脳1650脳1850 Total Weightkg2500 Product details PLC microcomputer controls the operation of the whole Concrete Conveying Machine, so the quality of the microcomputer directly affected the performance of the concrete trailer pump, Siemens brand is our best choice, the customer working feedback confirmed our choice The engine like the heart of Concrete Conveying Machine, providing power for the hydraulic system. China's technology is very mature, and we generally choose well-known Chinese brands, such as Yuchai or Weichai. If you need a better quality engine, such as Cummins, please contact me, and we can fully equip your Concrete Conveying Machine. Production Qualification We have our professional team, can assure the quality of Concrete Conveying Machine Delivery, shipping and serving If you have forwarder you can require your forwarder contact me after 15 days, because the production time of the concrete trailer pump is 15 days. We can also book the ship for you by our forwarder, we have many cooperated forwarders, they offered us the best freight.


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